Get paid every day

A tale as old as time...

It’s pay day. You see a big number in your bank account, so you splurge

Pay day
Cereal day

Two weeks later you’re eating cereal for dinner as you wait to get paid again

What if you could spread out your pay so you get paid every day?
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How it works

Put all (or part) of your pay into Wildcard

Whenever you put money into your Wildcard account, it goes into your “Pay Account” first

Make it last

Choose how much you want to spend

Pick a spending number, based on how long you want your money to last

Money slowly moves into your Spending Account

Watch it move cent-by-cent from your Pay Account into your Spending Account


Every day is pay day

You’re topping up your Spending Money all the time, so you’ve always got money to spend (even the night before pay day)

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Why We’re Here

Half of our generation has next to nothing in savings. We want to change that, by changing how your transaction account works

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