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A tale as old as time...

It’s pay day. You see a big number in your bank account, so you splurge

Pay day
Cereal day

Two weeks later you’re eating cereal for dinner and taking money out of savings to cover rent

What if you could spread out your pay and lock away your savings?
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Here's what people are saying

Victoria, 22
Communications coordinator

I’ve stopped dipping into my savings, and I’ve realized that it’s not about how much money I have, but how I spend it.

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I really love wildcard. I have a really bad habit of spending all my money really early in my pay week so it saves me the hassle is stressing at the end of the week. :)

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Elisabeth, 27
Lawyer and volunteer firefighter

Wildcard is the app that wanted me to figure out my shit and would do it for me.

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I truly love Wildcard. I set it up not even a week ago and I've already got more savings in there than I've had in years 💛

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Financial Review quote

Wildcard has created a unique savings model that drips spending money out of a savings account into a transaction account over a customer’s pay cycle, to assist budgeting and encourage savings.

Sydney Morning Herald quote

Savings fintech Wildcard is one of the startups set to participate in [open banking], and co-founder Nathan Tesler said the consumer data right will help his company set up accounts faster.

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Start using Wildcard with Apple Pay now

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