Wildcard is shutting down

Unfortunately, Wildcard is shutting down on the 14th of August. Due to the economic impact of coronavirus, we’ve been unable to secure the funding we need to keep the service running.

Our priority now is to make the transition as easy as possible for you. In the app, you'll find an easy way to withdraw your funds and below we've provided some answers to the most common questions.

Thank you so much for your support. If you need help, just let us know.

— The Wildcard Team



What do I need to do?


1. If you've got money in your Wildcard account, just open the app to withdraw it.

2. Choose another account to use, and notify anyone who transfers money into your account of your new details (like your employer or Centrelink).

3. Update your card with any services you use (like Netflix or Spotify).

We've sent you an email that should help you with this, but if there are any issues, just message us.

Your account will be automatically closed on August 14.


What happens if I have money in my account after August 14?


While you'll be able to use your Wildcard Mastercard after August 14, you will be unable to access the Wildcard app after this date or make transfers in or out of your account. Your account will also be subject to a $4.40/month account fee if you have money on your card. Please see the updated PDS for more information.

You'll be able to access a list of your transactions, as well as export your data by visiting the card issuer's website: https://sam.emerchants.com.au


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