Lock your savings

Stick to your savings goal, by adding a Defender to protect it

Lock your savings

You dump all of your money into savings, only to spend it all days later. What if you could lock away your savings, and choose someone to stop you from spending it?


Choose a defender

Whether it’s a family member or friend, your Defender is responsible for making sure you don’t spend your savings on stuff you don’t actually need

Choose a Defender
Send a transfer request

Send a transfer request

Whenever you want to make a transfer out of your Savings Account, we’ll send a text to your Defender


They can approve or reject it

If your Defender approves, your transfer will go through. If they choose to reject it, the money will stay in your Savings Account

They can approve or reject it



What happens if my Defender doesn't respond?


If your Defender doesn't approve or reject your request within 12 hours, your transfer will go through automatically.


What if I need to transfer my money out urgently?


If your Defender hasn't responded and you need to make a transfer ASAP, send us a message in the app and we'll help.


Can my Defender access my money?


Don't worry - your Defender can never access your account, only approve/reject requests to transfer out.


Can I remove a Defender?


Yep. You can remove a Defender at any time, but it'll take 12 hours for the account to be unlocked.


Do I have to add a Defender?


Nope! You can set up a Savings Account without a Defender, and add them to your account at any time.


The reviews so far...


Locked savings have been amazing to stop the urge of spending. I love it as my Defender knows what I do and don’t need and then helps keep my splurge feels away from my savings.

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I was out buying stuff last week and I kind of forgot about my locked account. It was great when I remembered and saw it protected as its money I knew I couldn’t access so I had to budget with the rest!

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I’d be lying if I said I can resist a sale so I feel like the wildcard defender is the saviour I’ve been waiting for to stop myself from blowing my savings on useless stuff. I was a bit anxious about “locking” my money away at first but it’s made me so much smarter about how I spend my money and I don’t feel restricted at all cause you kinda just forget you have it.

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Im finally starting to feel like I’m actually saving money

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