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The problem we’re solving

We live in a world that wants you to spend money you don’t have, on stuff you don't need.

That’s a big part of why 1/4 of young Australians have less than $1000 in savings.

The problem we’re solving

To make matters worse...

A whole industry of short term credit, like buy-now-pay-later platforms, are making it even easier to spend money without thinking.

How we help

We wanted to give people a way to spread out their pay without credit. So we built a transaction account that lets you give yourself a portion of your pay every day.

And it seems to be working...

The numbers so far

Since launching a full transaction account in July 2019, we’ve been growing by more than 1600 accounts per week and have processed more than $5M in transactions.

Number of users
Number of users
Money deposited
Money deposited

Working at Wildcard

Our Culture

No work hours means you set your own schedule

9-5 is a relic of the industrial era, and shoehorns the entire population into one set routine. Maybe you work better at 2am? Maybe you need to drop the kids off at school?

At Wildcard, you’re measured on results, not how long you spend at your desk. We geniunely don’t care when or where you work, so you’re free to create your own work schedule.

Everyone sits at the table

At a traditional company, you’re beholden to the decisions made above your head, and often when you’re not in the room.

At Wildcard, everyone sits at the same table (literally). Nobody is forbidden from contributing to the company strategy or big decisions.

Sometimes this leads to debates. More often it means that we make better decisions because everyone gets a say.

It’s always okay to take time off

The old system of slowly accruing different types of leave doesn’t work for us. We think it can lead to burnout.

If you’re sick, stay at home and recover – we don’t care how much sick leave you’ve accrued. If you need time off, just take it. Work will be here when you get back.

Create your own role

At Wildcard, nobody has a job title. Instead, each person has a role description - an open, living document that describes what they do at the company.

You write the document, and we keep it regularly updated. Want to change your role or explore a different area in the company? We’ll work together to edit the document. No politics required.

Our finances are open

The way most companies operate locks employees out of the financial reality of the company. Do you know how much your company has in the bank? What do your colleages get paid?

We have an open spreadsheet with all the company’s financials in it (yes, including salaries). We hope that in the long term this means everyone can make more informed financial decisions, and that it’ll contribute to a culture of pay equality.

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About us

We’re a small team in Surry Hills that enjoys donuts, ‘Africa’ by Toto and the colour purple.

Book club

We take turns leading book club, which we run once a month.


Last spring we had a nest of baby currawongs outside our window. It was delightful.

Incorrect lifting technique

Nathan moving furniture (and not lifting with his knees!)

Neighbourhood coffee

Neighbourhood, one of our popular go to coffee spots in the mornings.


A “candid” photo of the team.

Christmas tree

We decorate our Christmas tree with old bank cards.


We have 12 plants and counting in the office – Natasha tries her best.


Every team member gets their very own custom mug.

Wildcard card

The bottle of bubbly we popped when we hit $1 million deposited into our accounts.

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