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Help lead engineering in a fast-paced, growing startup that loves Ruby on Rails

Full time Sydney
$110-140k p.a. + ESOP
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Why we need you

We need a skilled Ruby developer to lead our backend development, and grow our engineering team.

Wildcard team

What you’ll be working on

You’ll get to lead big picture projects like our open API and Open Banking integration, as well as determine the future direction of the technology side of the business.

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What’s in it for you

Working at a small company gives you the opportunity to improve in every aspect of your craft, in a fast-paced, exciting environment.

And as an early employee, you'll have a big influence over the direction of the company, as well as receive a stake in the business.

Wildcard team
Wildcard team

Get treated like an adult

Lots of “progressive” companies like to brag about all the cool stuff you get working for them. Beer fridges, foosball tables, an Xbox, an office barista.

We think some things are more important than “work perks”. Things like unlimited annual leave, transparent salaries, and being free to choose how, when and where you work.

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Our engineering culture

We believe that clean, simple and easy to understand code is critical to our success - not an afterthought. We're proud that we've built a complete transaction and savings account with fewer than 7000 lines of code.

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